Hi I am Glenwyn Kemp, I spent around 20 years in process and product development in the Biotech Industry and the last 10 year working with start-ups, mainly but niot exclusively wirkin in technology sectors.

Biotech is a great sector to learn in: simultaneously one of the fastest moving dynamic and innovative sectors and also one of the most conservative, risk averse and highly regulated ones.

This schizophrenic nature was a great learning ground to develop real practical innovation skills. Not blue sky theoretical stuff, but hands on solutions to real problems within a tightly confined framework. Where money was available time usually wasn’t and vice versa, and always with an overriding need for quality and safety.

I followed that experience up with an MBA specialising in innovation and technology management and have spent the last few years advising and mentoring companies on innovation both in the UK and in China.

So the musings in this blog are reflections on those broad themes, Innovation, Biotech, China, Economics, with the odd personal opinions/observations thrown in for good measure.


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