I am sitting listening to an audio revelation: vinyl. It’s the next big thing! When I was in my youth,admittedly a while ago now, it was the done thing to pore over Hi-Fi magazines and dream of owning the largest speakers and the biggest amps (both in size and price) in order to attain audio nirvana – perfect reproduction from a vinyl disc of the recording made in the studio. I even remember pages and pages devoted to which speaker cable was best. Then came digital, CDs promised the exact digital copy of the sound studio recording onto a convenient, stable format impervious to theRead More →

Policymakers place great emphasis on innovation as the way for companies, and the economy, to grow and thrive. Indeed, innovation has become a sort of catch all term for ‘improvement’. But without at least a common understanding of what we all mean by innovation, we will struggle to find a way to discuss it in a meaningful way. Personally my preferred definition of innovation is “doing something different that has an impact”. You may notice that I don’t stipulate it has to be a positive impact. Some innovations turn out to be harmful to businesses (remember ‘New Coke’?). Others can be great for business butRead More →